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“Dang! This is such an annoying book. Not only has Dr. Aziz covered the most important topic of all – self-love – with such remarkable thoroughness, with relentless insights, with whole shelves of practical tools to use… but he’s done it such an engaging, open way, like a friend with his arm in yours, walking you slowly through how to make the biggest difference in your life, by liking and loving yourself more. This book reminds me I still have work to do too. How annoying!”

John Parkin
Author Of The Bestselling Series Of “F**k It” Books

Dr. Aziz speaks from personal experience, which uniquely connects him with his students. His captivating, conversational style will help you free yourself of the negative thoughts that keep you feeling bad about yourself, so you can enjoy the freedom that self-confidence brings.”

Dr. Robin Zasio
Featured Doctor, HOARDERS, Emmy Nominated A&E Hit Series



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On My Own Side is a powerful inspiration and guide for rebooting your biological computer so it serves you and helps you create a life based on self-compassion and clarity.”

Steve Chandler
Author of “Time Warrior”

“This is a book that’s about stopping the cycle of repeating old patterns and wishing something would be different. In On My Own Side, Dr. Aziz is sounding a compassionate-yet-direct call for you to look squarely at where you want to go, what gets in the way, and how to move through it. Every exercise invites the reader to truly engage with the material in order to see a profound change.”

Kate Swoboda
Author of “The Courage Habit”

“When it comes to confidence building, Dr. Aziz is the master. He’s the master of teaching you to be bolder, more authentic, and to break free of the fear keeping you trapped in guilt and anxiety.”

Scott Allan
Bestselling Author of “Do It Scared”

“Dr. Aziz mixes specific advice and tools with heartwarming and vulnerable stories. I know he can help you reach your next level of confidence and success.”

Vanessa Van Edwards
Author of “Captivate”

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“The doctor is IN. He’s been in your shoes and he knows exactly what it takes to get from point A to point B. Who better to listen to? There is no one else in the industry that has his combination of teaching ability and genuine care.”

Patrick King
Bestselling Author of “The Science Of Likeability”

“Confidence is paramount to success. This is why we all need confidence coaches and mentors. My good buddy Dr. Aziz gets confidence inside and out. Not the puff-your-out-chest fake kind of confidence; I’m talking about the truly grounded and magnetic kind of confidence. I highly recommend you learn everything you can from him.”

Dr. Sean C. Stephenson
Author of “Get Off Your ‘But’: How to End Self-Sabotage and Stand Up for Yourself”